I launched the original blac (k) ademic site during my graduate studies as a space in which to intervene in the conversations folks were having about black queer visibility. What I could not express in seminar papers or requisite presentations in front of demanding professors and colleagues, I could to the vast readers of the “blogosphere.”

In December of 2006 I decided to stop blogging at blac (k) ademic to concentrate on my studies even though earlier that year, the site won Best Topical Blog in the Annual Black Weblog awards and was also listed in multiple top ten lists about blogs on race, sexuality, and feminism. Recently, I was nominated for a 2012 Transguys Community Award for Best Blog and a 2013 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Blog!

A long ways from grad school now, I revisit this space. I have grown as a person, artist and most importantly, as an intellectual. But it is this sharpened point of view that allows blac (k) ademic to continue to be a space of critical inquiry.


–Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler


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